School Direct: Primary Programme

“We’re so proud of the feedback we receive from schools about our trainees! We choose each one with great care, selecting those with the attributes for success and the potential to be outstanding teachers. One of the key characteristics we look for in a Primary trainee is a real passion for making a big positive difference to children’s lives.”
Elaine GuzdekPrimary Programme Lead
Primary School Direct Lead

Elaine is amazing, so supportive!
–  Shauna Charnley (2020 / 2021 Trainee)

About Elaine

Elaine’s role as the Primary School Direct lead is to guide you through every step of your PGCE. She will be there from your interview day, at our TIE Hub sessions, make visits during your placements and will be celebrating alongside you at your QTS graduation. She will be there to answer your questions, ensure you feel supported and find the best placement schools for you. During your placement time, Sue will come and observe your teaching and provide feedback to help you become the best teacher you can be! She will also lead your TIE Hub time as you receive CPD and training from guest lectures alongside other TIE trainees.

Primary Subjects

How will I train?

Our bespoke one year programme is varied, challenging and motivating. Your time on our course will be divided between our TIE Hub, University sessions and your placement schools. This will allow you to apply the knowledge you are learning in a practical setting, try out new ideas and develop your teaching style while receiving feedback from professional mentors to ensure you become the best teacher you can be.


Around 26% of your time during the training year will be spent at TIE Hub sessions.

During your time at the TIE Hub, you will learn alongside other trainees on your course while attending lessons lead by partner school speakers and TIE staff. Sue will be there on each of these days, so you can ask any questions and talk about your experiences at your placement school.

Placement Schools

Around 67% of your time during the training year will be spent within placement schools.

Days in your placement school allow you to gain practical experience, applying the knowledge you’re learning on the course in real-time. You can either choose your own placement school (if you’re a teaching assistant you can train in the same school you work within) or, Sue will arrange your placement schools for you. Sue will always consider where you live so that your placement schools are local to you!

University of Huddersfield

Around 7% of your time during the training year will be spent at the University. 

Your time at the university will focus on specific subject knowledge in your chosen topic, allowing you to become outstanding in your field.

During your training, you will experience the following:

  • observation of skilled teachers at work in the classroom, followed by reflection and discussion
  • placements in two contrasting examples of our high-quality partner schools, with support from a skilled and dedicated mentor.
  • workshops, tutorials, lectures, guest speakers and small group work.
  • experience in SEN and PRU placements with support from your mentor.
  • weekly learning, training, study and assignments covering all aspects of education and pedagogy (eg the National Curriculum, how to prepare, plan and structure lessons; questioning techniques; special needs and behaviour management) and everything a successful teacher needs to know, be and do.

White Rose Maths

We are incredibly lucky to work alongside White Rose Maths to provide excellent maths training for our Primary trainees. As MAT initiatives, we have access to all WRM resources, specialists & the ability to adapt training sessions to offer bespoke lessons for our cohort 

Primary Alumni