Meet our Alumni

Daniel Lenton  | Career Changer

I have just completed my initial teaching training year with TIE and I am looking forward to starting as a full-time Secondary Science Teacher at Rastrick High School in September, which was one of my placement schools.

I initially studied to obtain a BSc (Hons) Applied Biomedical Science degree at university, which I found interesting and enjoyable as it included many Biology and some Chemistry related topics. I then worked as a Biomedical Scientist in the NHS for 4 ½ years. What I enjoyed most about this role was giving engaging tours and enthusiastic explanations to visitors regarding the work that we did. These positive experiences and an interest in working with young people at the heart of a community led me to consider teaching as a new career.

TIE was highly recommended to me as an outstanding teacher training provider, so I attended one of the information events and was immediately impressed and excited for the future. From then until graduation day and beyond the support that I have received has been outstanding. I honestly couldn’t have wished for a better training environment.

My training year itself consisted of full-time placements at two excellent Secondary Schools as well as lectures and training days at University and College. I spent my first two weeks in school observing and supporting within lessons as well as leading on some short activities. In my third week, I taught a few lessons whilst being closely supported by my mentor/host teacher and gradually increased my teaching timetable per week from then on.

My Top Tip

I would listen carefully and act on the comprehensive and constructive feedback that you is given from your mentor and other host teachers, with a focus on improving one element of your teaching at a time.