Train to Teach: Secondary Programme

“I love working in education and I hope that I pass on my motivation, enthusiasm and experience to new teachers.”
Sue MarshSecondary Programme Lead
Secondary Programme Lead - Sue Marsh
“I have worked in Secondary education for over 2 decades teaching MFL and Business Studies and holding roles as a Head of Department, Head of faculty, AFL and Teaching and Learning leader. I lead on Primary and Secondary ITE at Calderdale and Kirklees School Direct. I love to work with people and support them to achieve their personal best.”
Katy IslesC&KTSH Secondary Lead
“I have worked in education for over 20 years in various roles and am looking forward to sharing my passion for teaching.”
Emma RodriguesYRTA ITT Lead

About Sue, Katy and Emma

Sue, Katy and Emma’s role as the Secondary leads is to guide you through every step of your PGCE. They will be there from your interview day, at our TIE Hub sessions, make visits during your placements and will be celebrating alongside you at your QTS graduation. They will be there to answer your questions, ensure you feel supported and find the best placement schools for you. During your placement time, Sue, Katy and Emma will come and observe your teaching and provide feedback to help you become the best teacher you can be! They will also lead your TIE Hub time as you receive CPD and training from guest lectures alongside other TIE trainees.

Trinity is a rapidly expanding Institute of Education, and amongst the largest in the region. Our list of partner schools is constantly evolving. Key priorities for us are to ensure that our trainees successfully qualify, are equipped and motivated to be outstanding teachers and that they secure a teaching post. Our support for trainees goes beyond what you might expect and we’re proud that, on average, 98% of our trainees secure employment ahead of course completion. This is exciting and rewarding evidence of the quality of TIE’s training and support!

Secondary Subjects

Our secondary programme is designed to ensure that you accumulate the skills, knowledge, insight and experience you need for a successful career in secondary education. We offer a variety of secondary-based programmes in a variety of subjects, including some salaried places for shortage subjects (currently maths, physics and chemistry).

* You will need a relevant degree to access these courses. See entry requirements section.

Chat with our Secondary ITT team!

Click below to register for a chat with our Secondary ITT team and Sue, Katy or Emma will give you a call! Within the call you can ask any questions you may have and discuss how you can gain Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) in one year.

How will I train?

During your time at the TIE Hub, you will learn alongside other trainees on your course while attending sessions led by partner school speakers and TIE staff. You will also benefit from the expertise and research of the brand new national flagship provider of teacher training through the National Institute of Teaching as well as our ITT collaborations with Calderdale and Kirklees Teaching School Hub and Yorkshire Rose Teaching Partnership. Sessions will also focus on specific subject knowledge in your chosen field, allowing you to become outstanding in your field. While days in your placement school allow you to gain practical experience, applying the knowledge you’re learning on the course in real-time. On average, we have a 98% employment rate, with an incredible 100% of our 2022 trainees securing employment with their placement school, demonstrating the incredible professional relationships that can be fostered during our training course!



Around 26% of your time during the training year will be spent at TIE Hub sessions.

During your time at the TIE Hub, you will learn alongside other trainees on your course while attending lessons lead by partner school speakers and TIE staff. Sue and Katy will be there on each of these days, so you can ask any questions and talk about your experiences at your placement school.

Placement Schools

Around 67% of your time during the training year will be spent within placement schools.

Days in your placement school allow you to gain practical experience, applying the knowledge you’re learning on the course in real-time. You can either choose your own placement school (if you’re a teaching assistant you can train in the same school you work within) or, your secondary leads  will arrange your placement schools for you. They will always consider where you live so that your placement schools are local to you!

During your training, you will experience the following:

  • observation of skilled teachers at work in the classroom, followed by reflection and discussion
  • placements in two contrasting examples of our high-quality partner schools, with support from a skilled and dedicated mentor.
  • workshops, tutorials, lectures, guest speakers and small group work.
  • experience in SEND and SEMH placements with support from your mentor.
  • weekly learning, training, study and assignments covering all aspects of education and pedagogy (eg the National Curriculum, how to prepare, plan and structure lessons; questioning techniques; special needs and behaviour management) and everything a successful teacher needs to know, be and do.

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