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We have created a step-by-step guide below to help you through the Initial Teacher Training (ITT)  application process on the DfE website. Gain Qualified Teacher Status (QTS), a PGCE and 60 credits towards a Masters in one year with TIE! Apply Now…

One year of training for a lifetime of teaching

Step-by-Step Application Guide

Step 1: Choose your Course

Decide if you’d like to teach Primary or Secondary! If you’re not sure, come along to one of our information events or send us an email for more information.

If you’d like to become a Secondary teacher, think about what subject you want to teach. We currently have a range of 16 subjects in Secondary and the option to study Primary or Primary with Maths. Take a look at the subjects on offer below!

You can also take a look at 2024/25 secondary bursary information on the Get into Teaching website.

Further funding information can be found here.

Once you’ve chosen your Subject, you will need to write a personal statement.

When you apply you’ll need to give details about:

  • your qualifications, including your GCSEs and A levels (or equivalents) and degree
  • your work history or unpaid experience
  • why you want to teach
  • why you’re suited to teach a particular subject or age group

Your personal statement explains why you want to be a teacher. It’s your chance to show your motivation, commitment and teaching potential. It’s a crucial part of your application – so it’s worth taking your time on it.

Your personal statement should be between 500 and 1000 words. 90% of successful candidates write 500 words or more.

You could include:

  • skills you have that are relevant to teaching
  • any experience of working with young people
  • your understanding of why teaching is important
  • your reasons for wanting to train to be a teacher
  • any activities you’ve done that could be relevant to teaching (such as first aid courses, sports coaching or volunteering)

Teacher training providers want to see your passion and that you understand the bigger picture of teaching.

Make sure you check your spelling and grammar in your application. You want to make the best possible impression.

If you’re concerned about your subject knowledge, do not worry – you may be able to do a ‘subject knowledge enhancement’ course as part of your training.

You will submit your personal statement during your application process on the DfE website.

You need 2 references to apply.

Unlike a standard work reference, your references for teacher training need to be named individuals rather than (for example) a human resources team or academic department.

Your referees will be asked to write up to 500 words about your character and potential to teach.

It’s worth contacting them before you apply so they understand why you’re applying and what they’ll be asked to do.

Choose referees who could comment on things like your:

  • communication skills
  • reliability and professionalism
  • ability to work with children
  • transferable skills
  • academic skills

Ideal referees could include:

  • your university tutor or supervisor
  • your current line manager at work
  • your previous employer
  • a teacher at a school where you work or volunteer
  • a supplier or client you’ve worked with (if you’re self-employed)

Referees should not be family members, partners or friends.

It’s important to have at least one academic or professional reference.

Training providers will accept a character reference, such as a mentor or someone you know from volunteering, as a second reference.

If you’re applying for a salaried course, one of your references must be from an employer.

You can request as many references as you like to increase the chances of getting 2 quickly.

Once you’ve received 2 or more references, you can select the 2 you want to include in your application.

Now that you’ve gathered all the information you need, it’s time to officially make your application!

To make things a little easier, we’ve included a link to each of our TIE courses towards the bottom of this page. If you click the course you’d like to apply for, this will take you to the right place on the DfE site.

Alternatively, Head to the DfE website and search for Trinity Insitute of Education. You can do this by searching our name or using our course code. You will then need to select the course you’d like to study.

Our course code is: TRINITY 1YF

Once you have made your application to our ITT course, you will be contacted by us to arrange an interview.

Before the interview, I was nervous I had to be the finished product. However, the interview made me realise they were looking for potential and commitment. – Lucy Appleyard

We will provide you with an information booklet with guidance on how to prepare.

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The qualities that we are looking for in candidates include a commitment to a career in teaching, enjoyment of working with children and young people, effective communication skills, excellent interpersonal skills, leadership potential, use of initiative, ability to relate to and engage with young people and personal characteristics such as flexibility, independence and resilience.

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