Bradshaw Primary School, Calderdale

Making great change happen

CPLD/SIS focus:
KS1-KS2 maths and leadership
Four terms

TIE were brilliant at tailoring support to our needs. The impact on outcomes in the short term has been phenomenal: our results were the best ever in 2018 as a direct result of the work that we did with TIE. We’ve felt fully supported and challenged to reach heights that we never thought possible and we can’t wait for the next exciting instalment!

Tracy Turner, Headteacher, Bradshaw Primary School

Embracing a mastery approach

Looking to improve its maths outcomes, Bradshaw Primary School asked White Rose Maths to deliver its comprehensive Jigsaw package to its KS2 teachers. Jigsaw comprises five modules: (i) CPA, (ii) Bar Modelling, (iii) Reasoning and Problem Solving, (iv) Mathematical Talk and Questioning and (v) Planning for Depth. Together, the Jigsaw modules equip teachers with all the essential skills and insights needed to teach for mastery in maths.

Embedding the training

Keenly aware that the new approach would need time and effort in order to maximise its benefits throughout the school, the Bradshaw SLT set in place two initiatives for ensuring success.

Firstly, they asked TIE for bespoke school-to-school support (SIS) to embed the training. Delivered as 20 SLE days spread fortnightly and according to need, this involved:

  • supporting teachers to overcome barriers using risk analysis
  • modelling and refining teaching
  • developing opportunities for metacognitive strategies
  • collaborating with maths and senior leaders to ensure sustainability.

This support was offered in partnership with the school’s maths lead so that he could drive and monitor progress between the SLE’s visits.

Secondly, a NLE worked with the governing body to inform and empower them in understanding the aims of the training and support programme, criteria for success and how to ask key questions.

Next steps

Senior leaders at the school recognised very quickly that the training and support was improving practice, and they commissioned an extension of the work for KS1. They also asked for a wider package of LLE and NLE support in the three areas of tracking, interventions and curriculum design. Each 3.5 day programme was delivered over a 6-week period.

Exciting progress

The Bradshaw Primary team are delighted that the quality of maths teaching, learning and assessment at the school are all now confirmed as good, valuable confirmation that leadership is also effective. In addition, KS1 results rose by an impressive 21 percentage points to 83% (7% to 29% GD) and by an astonishing 43 percentage points to 97% (50% to 56% GD) in KS2.