School Improvement Support

What is School Improvement Support (SIS)?

We passionately believe that working collaboratively with other schools is one of the most constructive and effective ways of achieving school improvement.

As an Institute of Education, we offer school-to-school support (STSS) to any UK schools that want to improve their practice. We help schools that are underperforming and lead improvement in good schools. The goal is to give practical, active support that embeds purposeful development, real empowerment and great practice.

Our specialists offer support at all levels and can address any challenge(s) your school may face. For example, you may want to:

  • manage change
  • develop a particular curriculum area
  • explore/introduce new schemes or systems
  • develop existing strengths or specialisms
  • improve leadership skills in current or potential staff
  • master a major school – or academy-wide challenge.
  • improve outcomes, behaviour management, TA skills, or any other issues whether general or specific

Who delivers the support?

The Trinity Institute of Education brings together a task force of leaders, teachers and school practitioners from a number of primary and secondary schools. All are experts in their specialist fields and qualified to offer schools valuable and practical help with their particular challenge or challenges.

Our carefully selected specialists recognise the important role of senior and middle leaders in improving schools and learner outcomes, and they are committed to developing every school they support!

How can our school apply for SIS?

If you’d like help to develop teaching, learning, outcomes, personal development or leadership in your school, just call 01422 433 324 or email

We’ll get back to you promptly to arrange a no-obligation meeting to discuss the challenge(s) you face, the support you need, convenient schedules and methods for measuring your outcomes.