Meet our Alumni

Teacher Trainee Alumni

Guy Cooke | Teaching Career Development

What did you do before joining our course:

I worked for seven years with Christian charities, working to support schools. I did cover teaching for four years after and it’s something I’d considered for a long time and eventually felt I’d learn enough about classroom management to try to put it into practice.

What made you decide on a career in teaching:

I always enjoyed working in schools.

Why your subject:

MFL – I did it at university, so I’m strongest in this subject. I really enjoyed the subject and benefited personally from using foreign languages on many occasions, and It can also help with many other skills.

Why did you choose TIE:

I was working in Trinity Halifax Academy School, and I grew to appreciate the positives and strengths of their approach. This programme helps you to learn their approaches in different schools, and it’s close to my home.

How supportive is TIE:

Very supportive, Sue responds to my emails very quickly and is always approachable. I think the sessions here are helpful in terms of what we are doing in schools and there’s a variety of people delivering the training. I appreciate that it’s not just about Trinity’s way of doing it, getting different perspectives of behaviour, so we can compare the two is beneficial. Sue goes above and beyond, giving us extra information.

What was one of the best parts of your year:

I think watching others in MFL particularly and seeing how they plan and deliver lessons. To see how much thought goes into how a lesson is set out to help students progress.

My Top Tip

Observe and talk to other teacher trainees.