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Teacher Trainee Alumni - Graduate

Stephanie Dearnley | Graduate

I am a teacher at Trinity Academy Cathedral. Both my training year with TIE and my NQT/RQT years with TAC were interrupted with COVID and somehow, I’m still managing to absolutely love my job, day in day out.

After school, I progressed my education further by studying at Art school, then University. It wasn’t until I left Uni, that I discovered I wanted to be able to influence our next generation by teaching a subject that I love.

My training year allowed me to have such a diverse, insightful experience within schools. My training year was quite possibly one of the most important, however challenging years of my life. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it. There will be times where you may have to ask yourself “Why am I doing this?” and it’s those moments when you see the student’s faces light up when you walk into the room, that will remind you exactly why you are. I’d advise you to be resilient, reflective, and responsive throughout the journey. Everyone must start somewhere.

I was lucky enough to gain experience over two subjects (Art and DT) whilst in my training placements with TIE. By gaining this experience, this allowed me to evaluate my options as a teacher and choose which path to take forward. Luckily enough (Although I still can’t believe it), I am now in a role where I teach both subjects, which is extremely rare. TIE has created these opportunities for me and provided me with an occupation in which I shall always be grateful for.

I chose TIE because of the lovely Sue!! I met Sue at a teaching event and clicked with her straight away! Besides the unconditional support that you will receive from Sue, TIE is a brilliant institute who hold a varied range of contacts, providing the right experience, and all the resources you will need to kick start your career. TIE has a great reputation which sells itself when you are looking for employment. The support with the assignments, teaching practice, SEND and most importantly the employability aspect of training is second to none.

My Top Tip

Don’t worry about having to be the best straight away, it is daunting when you watch others that have mastered your desired profession! I got told in my training year by host teachers ” Consistently good is outstanding.” It really is. Once you start teaching in your ECT year, you soon come to terms with the reality of as long as you’re giving it your best, that’s good enough. Good luck and pick TIE, you really won’t regret it.