Why Become a History Teacher? Sam Jennings


  • You can share your passion for History every day and ignite a lifelong curiosity for the past in students.
  • You can teach topics you love and become an expert in exciting and intricate new histories every term.
  • You have the opportunity to better understand your own heritage and others, as well as the diversity of our communities and the process of change.
  • History Teachers have a unique opportunity to educate students about the past whilst shaping their futures.
  • As a History Teacher, no day is the same. Every lesson is different and students always bring intriguing interpretations about historical figures, events and periods. As a History Teacher, you never stop learning.


My Experience as an ITT

My Initial Teacher Training began in September 2022 and ends in June 2023. It has been an invaluable experience. I have made notable strides as a teacher and progress as a person. Every lesson has brought new and exciting opportunities and I look forward to having the chance to share my passion for History with students each day. I studied History at GCSE, A-Level, undergraduate and postgraduate level, however, I have learnt an abundance of exciting histories this year, such as the history of migration throughout the world, a topic I had not had the opportunity to study previously. During my ITT, I have learned effective ways to develop positive relationships with the students and how to contribute to wider professional responsibilities. This year, I have got involved in extra-curricular activities such as football clubs which I have really enjoyed. I have also visited the Imperial War Museum in Salford which was a fantastic opportunity to enrich students’ learning and understanding outside of the classroom. I have also had the opportunity to observe other practitioners and taken onboard their advice and guidance to better my practice. I have been placed at three schools and I have built lasting relationships with other practitioners, both in Humanities Departments and other faculties. They are all welcoming and supportive and willing to offer guidance at all stages of learning for ITT’s. CKTSH and TIE promise to value people and support personal best. I have felt incredibly supported and have been presented with lots of opportunities to develop my practice, build positive and lasting friendships with staff and immerse myself in school life. The aspect I have enjoyed the most about this year is that as a teacher, you have the unique opportunity to shape lives with every lesson. History provides students with a strong understanding about the past and the tools needed to forge a positive and successful future.

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We’ve got your back – Support as you train: Katy Isles CKTSH

During recent interviews and support visits for teachers early into their careers I have been reflecting on how much support there is available for teachers. There is so much invested by the DfE, by schools and by mentors in supporting teachers new to the profession. When I think back to my own journey into teaching and how supported I felt, I had superb mentors, supportive schools and colleagues that championed my cause and helped me to develop at every turn!  There is even more support available for those seeking a career in teaching. From informative websites, to webinars and  1-to-1 chats, recruitment events, dedicated ‘Get into teaching’ advisors and step by step guidance on how to apply everything is there to support you. Trinity Institute of Education and Calderdale and Kirklees TSH are proud that in their partnership we go over and above to make sure you are informed and ready to apply. 

Securing your place on our course brings with it a whole host of support. Before your induction to the course and your ‘Flying start’ where you prepare you for the basics of teaching we’re at the end of a phone or an email to answer any questions. Those questions that arise once the adrenaline of the interview say has subsided can be answered at any point. We are here to help! 

Once you are inducted a brilliant source of support is your peers, your cohort that you train for the year with will become trusted people you lean on when you might be having a tough week or feeling the pressure, as course Leads, we have all been there too and we have lots of advice and ways to support. 

Once in a carefully chose placement you’ll have a mentor – this expert colleague will be your critical friend throughout your placement and will guide you step by step to improve. In school you will be seen as a member of staff so you’ll get to know the wider teaching and support staff and be immersed in the daily life of school – there will be colleagues you can observe, colleagues you will strike friendships but everyone is there to support and help you become the best that you can be, it’s our passion! 

There’s no glossing over the fact that it will be an intense year but we are certain that with our experience, our network of expertise and a lot of like minded people, we can help you to shape a life! 

Why School Direct?

The routes into teaching have become a minefield of different options available. All very similar in many ways. School Direct is an option that was introduced in September 2013 as a school based PGCE route into teaching that can achieve the full amount of qualifications that a normal PGCE can.

The route allows you to be immersed within school life from day one. It is a very ‘hands on’ route into teaching that allows trainees to feel as though they are part of the school team from day one joining in a period with new staff and ECTs. School Direct Hubs work in partnership with a University which in essence gives you the best of both worlds. You get the support with assignments and library facilities from the University as well as the support from practicing practitioners within the school. Sessions will be a mixture of University tutors and school based teachers offering a mixture of research based theories and tried and tested strategies. The amount of support doubles with this option.

The School Direct Hub team will work with a group of schools that they are close to and have good communication with. This means that if the trainee needs support, the Hub and placement school will work hard together to provide this and make the course bespoke for your needs.

An obvious benefit to School Direct is the two options it can offer: unsalaried and salaried. Unsalaried is a route into teaching using bursaries and scholarships. Salaried options can be offered by schools that work with the Hub to employ a trainee and offer an unqualified teacher salary and the payment of tuition fees.

Entry requirements are the same as a University but School Direct can offer school experience for those who need confirmation that it is the right career for them or if they need support with personal statements and interviews. Placements can vary in length with different School Direct providers but you will usually receive two contrasting placements.

School Direct is a great route because of the connections they have and the feeling of being part of a team – not just with peers on the course but also within the school you are placed in.